Actor James Woods Releases Bone-Chilling Video, This is Angela Merkel’s “Legacy”
Well, actor James Woods is at it again.  This time he shared a very powerful video via Twitter that just so happens to expose the ugly (real) truth about the violent refugee crisis that the “open border” European Nations are facing.This is guaranteed to upset liberals because it ultimately proves President Trump’s stance on immigration is correct.  See it for yourself.Now that you’ve seen it, let’s focus on Germany, where German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has strongly defended her open-door immigration policy, going so far as to call it a “humanitarian duty” to let in almost two million migrants last year.

However, after the Cologne sex attack and more recent string of terror attacks by an asylum seeker (in other words, once bad things started happening, constituents began taking notice, and public opinion took a drastic, sharp turn) she admitted some areas of her immigration stance could be improved.For example, on September 4, 2016, Merkel’s CDU party (pro-immigration) was soundly defeated by the AfD party (anti-immigration) in the German state election. Immediately thereafter, she assumed some of the blame for her wreckless immigration policy, but still defended her position, calling it “necessary and right.”

Then just two weeks later, she finally admitted for first time she may have made a mistake in regards to immigration:

“If I could, I would go back in time to be better prepared for the refugee crisis in 2015, for which we were rather unprepared.”

As per the usual, the liberal mainstream media sources are ignoring stories like these that reveal what is really happening in Germany and other “open border” countries.  However, this simply can not happen in America.  Get the word out, folks. Can. Not. Happen. 


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