Destiny 2 Servers down again!!!??? UPDATE 9/12/17 SERVERS DOWN FOR "MAINTENANCE"  

Welcome back to The Zamp Camp!
So less than 1 hour after the release of one of the most anticipated titles in gaming history..(Bungie's Destiny 2) We are already seeing an epic fail of a launch.  Unfortunately, the Destiny 2 servers are already maxed out and people can not even get on to play.  This comes to no surprise but it is still very much not acceptable!  This should have been something they knew would happen and the servers should have been prepared for this type of congestion.  Bungie I am sure is facing heat already and I hope are hard at work to fix the problem.  When you hype something up this much you have to expect people to want to play.  AT THE SAME TIME!  Bungie please fix this quick! I would like to enjoy this game!

Special thanks to my friend Eric for the photo in the video and the heads up...
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