Come enjoy the symphony of the spring water!!  

This is a two part video on the spring hike/run/swim we take every week.  The water and boulders create a fun obstacle course, as well as a very refreshing dip in some very clean spring water..all the while enjoying the clean air and nice kiss from the sun!!  

This hike feels more tropical as you get to the top..which will be in part 2.  The spring water feeds A LOT of diverse life....very dense!!  

At the top, is the SOURCE of the spring, pouring out of the side of a cliff. 

I've been drinking the water from this place now..for about 2 years.   Love it!!

To find a Spring near you..check out...http://www.findaspring.com/ or add yours to the growing database.

oh..and if you haven't read Christopher McDougall's book yet, "Born to Run"  scoop a copy ASAP...it's awesome!!!!! and YouTube David Wolfe and Barefoot Technology...cool stuff about EMF's and being barefoot.

Thanks for cruising a long!!



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