After Liberals Donate Money To Flood Victims, James Woods Spots One Glaring Problem

After Texas was recently hit by the category 4 Hurricane Harvey, there are far too many people who are in need of help in the Lone Star state. Luckily, Americans are banding together to bring Texans the relief that they need. However, after a group of liberals donated money to some flood victims, James Woods spotted one glaring problem, and it will surely make your blood boil.

People from across the country have joined together to raise money for people whose lives have been turned upside down by the natural disaster in Texas. Their homes have been ravaged by flood waters, many having their keepsakes and prized possessions lost forever, and some even losing loved ones who died in the deadly storm. However, people of nearly every age, race, and religion have come together to ensure the surviving flood victims are given what they need to continue to survive during this frightening time.

In fact, most people haven’t even noticed the divide that was splitting our nation apart before the hurricane as people of all backgrounds work alongside strangers of different races, religions, and political party to give help. However, while famed actor turned political commentator James Woods was browsing the Internet, he spotted one glaring problem with the generosity of the left – they’re racist in their relief efforts.

The only group to separate #Harvey victims by color, race or national background . Everybody else is just saving people
Unfortunately, you read that right. According to Gateway Pundit, while the Women’s March is kind enough to fund raise for Hurricane Harvey victims, the liberal group is only offering their services to victims of color.

In fact, they even took things a little further by sharing an article that explains how someone could donate to help victims in “communities of color” rather than just helping those in need regardless of skin color. Apparently, if you’re white, you don’t matter to the Women’s March.

This is a major problem in our country. Those on the left keep blaming others for being racist but never stop to consider how they’re treating others differently based on the color of their skin. If anyone even hinted towards focusing assistance on “white communities,” liberals would freak, and rightfully so.

We should be looking at ourselves as people – not as an African American, Caucasian, Asian, etc. We’re American, that’s it. If one of us needs help after a tragedy, it should be given without our skin color taken into consideration.

As soon as Woods pointed out what he found on social media, people were rightfully furious. “Very sad that they have to play #racecard yet again,” one person wrote. Another points out the obvious, “I cannot imagine if a group posted a list of ways to help white people affected by the flood,” while another said, “Once again liberals would like to just help and rescue people of color. Remember this when it is time to vote. #alllivesmatter.” Finally, another rhetorically asked what we’re all thinking, “Isn’t that a bit ‘RACIST’?”

Liberals need to wake up and realize that they’re perpetuating the problem when it comes to racial tensions rising in our country. There are tons of people, of every color, who are in need of help in Texas. There are just as many donations being made and countless heroes who are risking their lives to help anyone in Texas. There are people of every color, helping people of every color. They aren’t only helping and donating to “whites only” — they’re helping anyone, as it should be, and one day, Texas will rise again and be proud of the help they received from a diverse group of Americans.

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