$5 per share. Cash value estimated at $100.5 Million. Send funds by Thursday 12 Noon so that I have time to purchase our numbers and display them in a video. 18 and over only.
Please also comment below to confirm your participation after funds are sent.

3x Keith M ⛽ 
2x Winning Scratcher ⛽ 
Bert M ⛽ 
John Montague 
2x JJwantstowin ⛽ 🚁 loving the 777's!
2x Marci Sanders ⛽ 🚁 
Fernando G.
2x Les W ⛽ 
2x Reginald G. ⛽ 🚁 
2x Jackie S
Ashley D ⛽ 🚁
Scratcher Fanatic
2x Joel Hernandez ⛽ 
2x Miss Player ⛽ 🚁 
2x CDV & Crew
Arturo Nunez
3x Stashia Johnson ⛽ 
sportytee ⛽
3x Sir Lucky Pete ⛽ 🚁 
2x supermn05 ⛽ 
SH by JJ
SH by Reginald
SH by Reginald

Amounts over multiples of $5 considered channel donations for gas ⛽ and drone 🚁 fund. Much appreciated. Name added to list once I get the PayPal 🔔 notification. Thanks! 


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