Try-on, review of the Apple Watch 2. I review the Apple Watch 2 and bring it in a day of my life so you can see how it works. Some things we talk about include: difference between Apple Watch 1 & 2, how good of an activity tracker it is, how accurate it calories are, apps it use's, the wallet feature, its activity app, notifications, playing music, GPS, tracking runs/walks, waterproof, styling tips, using it to pay, and much more! If you have any questions about it comment below and I'll make sure to get to them!

If you're new to my channel I'm a hybrid fitness-fashion-sarcastic youtuber who takes pieces of athletic wear throughout my day and adventures while reviewing them. Seeing how they hold up to workouts, adventures, traveling, and general life! I'd love to have you as a part of my mermaid tribe, so if you like what you want to see, and want to join me as I take on the world in yoga pants (and try to make you laugh along the way), then hit subscribe! 

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