Unfortunately, I started taping after she dropped the F-bomb on the Nascar fans at Pocono.  We were informed by Danica that she is paid to drive racecars, not autographs.  It hurts her feelings when 2 fans boo'ed her for not signing any autographs.  We were not rude to her.  The man who tried to hug her was (and security caught him) was totally out of line.  However, he was not part of the section who got cursed out.   Lesson learned:  Don't ask Danica for an autograph (unless you are 13 and younger) and if you want her to interact with you, just boo and she will come running.   Here's what started it:  https://www.facebook.com/jenheld.shick/videos/10209399157364595/  The whole thing with better audio  https://www.facebook.com/jenheld.shick/videos/10209399157364595/ (thanks to friskynixon for telling me) 


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