Destiny 2 needs dedicated servers

The sequel to Destiny needs something that all games should start offering... Dedicated Servers. MY TWITCH :: DONATE VIA STICKERS ::

Destiny 2 Dedicated Servers...Kind Of

In this video we discuss the recent info on the bungie blog regarding Destiny 2's apparent lack of dedicated servers. The Engineering lead posted detailing how Destiny 2's netcode will actually...

FIX THIS SH*T! Destiny 2 Rant

This week we go over how terrible, the connection situation is in Destiny 2.WE NEED DEDICATED SERVERS! Check us out on: Twitter: @mikeyguedes Twitch: ModeratelyS...

For Honor Saved? Dedicated Servers..

Too little too late? Or will this game come back strong? We will find out in the coming months. Leave a like if you enjoyed! Stream Schedule: Stream: