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Destiny 2: Top 10 Changes

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Cheater! Destiny 2 Beta!

HI EVERYBODY! it's good to see that 1 thing for sure has made its way from destiny 1 into destiny 2.....lag switchin cheattaaaaas! yaaaaayyyyy!!! In case you've been lucky enough in your gaming...

Destiny 2 Beyond Dedicated Servers

In "This Week at Bungie" Bungie has chosen to talk with us about their networking technology, addressing the concern over "dedicated servers" head on. Their argument, and one I choose to give...

Destiny 2 - Beta Release Date!!

In the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal Bungie may have hinted at the possible release date for the beta. All signs point to eitherJuly 7th or 17th due to Bungie's history with the number 7. Looking...


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Destiny PvP gameplay

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